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Habimah, the National Theatre, is committed to…

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The National Theatre of Norway is cooperating on a project with Habima, the national theatre of Israel. Hanne Tømta, the director of the Norwegian National Theatre, is explaining why she chose not to boycott Habimah. On the theatre’s website Hanne is writing that she made it clear to Ilan Ronen that the cooperation would stop the minute Habimah would play in Ariel. Hanne is also reassuring us that “Habima is a national theater with a wide social mission. It caters to Jews and Muslims, secular and believers, young and old, from city and country.”

Here are the 18 paragraphs Habimah is committed to..

Have fun looking between the lines for the hiding 50% of Israel’s residents. If you fail to, do not despair, you can try again with the 20% who do have an Israeli citizenship.

  1. artistic, cultural, social and educational values, and to implementing them at the highest level.

  2. aiming particularly high artistically, by performing quality performances – artistically, from the best theatre productions, promoting theatrical national goals.

  3. maintaining the artistic freedom of the various creators, out of artistic considerations of the highest professional level, in all areas of theatre productions.

  4. the existence of a dedicated framework that would act in the spirit of the cultural heritage of the Jewish people in its various communities through Jewish theatrical creation in Israel and in the world.

  5. performing primarily in Hebrew, while ensuring the preservation of the Hebrew language and its correctness.

  6. encouraging and promoting original Israeli playwriting of high quality, innovative and daring, both in content and in its artistic expression, anchored in the Israeli experience.

  7. being a faithful reflection of the multicultural society in Israel.

  8. re-producing Israeli masterpieces with new directing that gives a fresh interpretation of classical texts.

  9. integration of the original playwriting with the finest global playwriting both classical and modern from various cultures and periods in exemplary Hebrew translations .

  10. running a permanent ensemble of outstanding artists and performers, whose activities would be identified with the National Theatre’s vision and their work will create a unique theatrical language to the national theatre.

  11. producing plays and especially in Habimahs halls proper, while reaching out to diverse target audiences in order to bring them from all over the country to the permanent residence of the national theatre.

  12. locating talented young creative artists and creating frameworks that would promote continuous cultivation of vocational training among the creating and performing artists who work at the theatre .

  13. nurturing a young generation of theatre-goers, educating for intelligent viewing and creating cooperation with the education system in order to advance theatre and for the creation of theatrical awareness among young audiences all over the country.

  14. the establishment of archive services open to the general public with plays, photographs, sketches, maquettes and other documentary materials, which will illustrate the tradition and history of the National Theatre and of the Israeli theatrical creation from its inception to the present.

  15. establishing quality professional workshops which would meet the needs of the Israeli theatre, among them workshops, in directing, writing and playing of original Israeli exemplary texts, including biblical texts.

  16. creating cooperation with artists and theatre lovers ,in a number if theatre centres in the periphery. These partnerships will be reflected in the establishment of studio classes in Hebrew and other languages as well as in the production of high-quality independent theatrical pieces and performing them in front of the  viewers in the periphery.

  17. promoting multicultural creation and bringing a diverse audience to the National Theatre, hosting productions by peripheral theatre centres, by acting schools, by experimental workshops and by unusual and talented artists in the early stages of their careers.

  18. encouraging and nurturing partnerships and relationships with other theatres in Israel and other national theatres worldwide,


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