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We teach Life. AKA Newborn in Gaza, Update


Since I have published the post “Newborn in Gaza” a few events have happened which I would like to add as an update.


Some say there were 1400 babies born in Gaza since the beginning of Israel’s ground invasion.


A new baby, 25 days old, has just been reported injured



Beautiful baby girl Shayma e-Sheikh Qanan — who was saved from the womb of her dead mother who was 8 months pregnant — died. Shayma, named after her mother, died at the age of 5 days when a power failure, cause by Israel bombing Gaza’s power station, stopped the incubator she was in.


A young life taken by the brutality of Israel, for no need. She was not a terrorist.


I like the picture below where she is in the incubator protected by the picture of her martyr mother. She was not protected enough. She was buried beside her mother.
In the tweet you would find a link to the beautiful memorial site Humanizepalestine



Other babies died due to the power cut



or had difficulties due to it



Within the sadness there is always someone who cares



and… are there no milk donors?



This Is Gaza! Life always wins!



and from January


We teach life.




Bellow is the original post, as published on the 26th of July 2014




Babies are the worst enemy of the Zionist project. They are considered to be a Demographic Threat and are directly targeted – by snipers, by calculated malnutrition and by chemical weapon aiming at causing their mothers to miscarry and their fathers to become sterile.


Meet some of these terrorists-


Baby Shaymaa was saved. Born from 23-yr-old killed mother Shaymaa Qennan.



Here is another beautiful baby.



Also UNWRA’s shelters became a place for birth. As those shelters were later bombed, a further investigation concerning the wellbeing of mother and baby is required.


could not verify whether this is the picture of the UNRWA baby



Some newborn, could not be saved. This baby is one of the youngest death from Gaza. His mum was about to give birth 2 him & was killed. The baby couldn’t be saved


and another one whose name I do not know



The reason they are not the youngest to be killed is that many women miscarry



Or are being murdered pregnant



But no form of inhumane oppression brought upon by the Occupation has the power to stop LIFE



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