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A letter to spider.

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Sorry for having vanished.
How are you doing?
I believed you have asked me what I look like… Shaved hair, when it is not shaved it is ginger, when it is long it is curly. Very pale skin… Still not the skin of a person who grew up in a place with no sun, like Scotland, but a freckly skin of a person who spent her youth running half naked under the desert sun (from the few times I ran fully naked I still have scars).
Dark brown eyes, that are easy to get into pure laughter and joy, but are also easily sad.
Spider, I am very sad these days. I watch closely as our families, the family of all of us, are being massacred in Palestine. One second there is a demonstration, the next second two boys are executed, their smiling hopeful eyes loosing all sparks. One second people are praying at the mosque celebrating God and Ramadan, the next 21 people are dead, 18 of the same family. Palestine is being massacred.
Nature, theatre, dance, literature, agroforestry, plant medicine, creativity… all that I am is drowned and melted in anger and despair – can anything come out of me that would actually help?
It must sound sick, but I am better being where the things are happening. Is it the adrenaline or a genetic affiliation with troubles? I always stay so calm and clear when the world is falling apart around me.. But being away… I am frustrated and useless. Feeling so pointless being where I am.

A new wave of thoughts has just crossed my path, as if running across the field chasing the last rays of the sun as it vanishes behind the trees, and in doing so my old trail of ideas vanishes never to be found again.
So I leave you with that.
With the last traces of light, I am only left with heavy feelings, and no words to accompany them.

My thoughts and love with you


Written by naturesong

July 13, 2014 at 15:06

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