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مدوّنة مريم

In between Birzeit university’s open day, Ramallah’s charade of a commemoration which more so resembled a joyful celebration of our exodus, two Palestinian youth, Nadeem Siam and Mohammad Odeh were murdered by Israeli forces during a demonstration near Ofer prison.

As people sing songs, wave flags and echo we will return, Nadeem and Mohammad’s family were mourning the death of their children.

As the world screams with noise, silence bursts into the hearts of those that know Nadeem and Mohammad.

Nadeem and Mohammad’s death prove more than ever that the Nakba is not a date to be annually remembered, it’s a reminder of the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.

No song, no chant, no festival will return them or any martyr to us. The end of colonization won’t even return them us. If we continue to be desensitized to the murder of our children, of us. Eventually we will liberate…

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May 16, 2014 at 19:41

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