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“They never consulted us”

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A leader in the Federation of Miners of Madre de Dios (FEDEMIN) is saying (in an exclusive… ) that Brack has never consulted the miners while working on the new law, and the new map.
Brack is talking about 8 months of work together.
The leader told us that Brack spoke to 15 miners, which were not representing anyone but themselves. The 15 miners than formed an association, which is now getting benefits.
The source is also saying that the new Law would eliminate ALL mining. He says the restrictions upon the machinery they would be allowed to use would stop all Peruvian mining, The land would then be sold to foreign companies, and the money the foreign companies would pay for their rights would be pocketed… Just like the situation is with Petrol in Peru!

I got a document called “The five big lies of Antonio Brack”, with counter information of the one Brack is giving out.
I have to say the numbers Brack (and all the media behind him) are not backed by any institute, and he in never referring to where they come from. He is speaking of all miners as if they were drug dealers and prostitutes dealers, and so do all other journalists (I swear, I met some really nice miners).

While I am trying to translate the document or, better still, find it translated. Here is a link in Spanish

Another document is the answer of the miners to the law, and I found a short extract of it in

Electricity is going down. Shouts in the streets. I would try to translate these documents soon, but you never know. If any one can help I would be delighted.

Written by naturesong

April 6, 2010 at 10:00

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