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Shouts the crowd (mainly women lead voices and the rest answer).

Around 1000 miners and their family are occupying the Plaza de Armas (the Square of Arms). The police are standing at the corners of the Square and the roads are kept open.
“The miners are together forever” was one of the signs. Many other banners spoke positively of the idea of formalizing mining and protecting the Jungle, but against the closing of the unformal mines and the unemployment that is bound to follow such action.

“NO to the mining exclusion, minister, YES to the formalization”

After a peaceful walking around, shouting, waving banners and shaking plastic bottles with soil, most of the miners settled in the plaza on the Grass. The grass is covered with colourful men, women and children, with new union T shirts, ice cream, news papers, pop corn and free passion fruit Juice.
As the feast is going on a speaker is talking and once in a while there is a wave of waving in respond though the majority cannot hear him.
In the near area there is also a wave of miners and relations going to find a place to pee (at least), some of which enter back yard but the most make it to the “one block away” river bank.
Speaking of “one block away” , that is where my hostel is, and though I was disappointed there are no windows from which to watch the event, we can surely hear… so I can sit in, upload pictures and write, while I am listening to the state of things in the Square.
So far so good.

Written by naturesong

April 4, 2010 at 14:47

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