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Market Day

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As you remember, I’ve been to the Market on Friday, And it was a totally normal market with Veggies bread and olives (Jorge wanted some meet and chicken but there were none).
I´ve been to the market again today, Saturday. My friends went early in the morning and have told me that it is totally crowded with heaps of police clearing roads and preparing for the big moment (midnight). So I went around 10 am to take pictures of the police (and but some more olives as they were really good). I found a calm almost empty market, heaps of fruits and vegetables and 2 bored police cars at the petrol station, inside their barred cars thousands of plastic picnic plates.
It felt like a normal market and not like a war zone and I went instead to take a picture of the office of AKA that everyone I spoke to (miners or not) agreed should be burnt down. (Sorry Kat, people are telling terrible stories about them… they might of course only be stories).

In the night, while some hostel were locking themselves in with fear (and others totally crowded with miners) the town was a weekend busy town. Discos and bars and shops. 2340 I could only find a few policemen at each corner of the main square (plaza de Armas, of course) and apart from that all normal (a bit tense, mind you),
Leaving my friends dancing to disco I went back to the hostel where a few important facts were revealed to me.
1. The market was mad from 5 in the morning until…
2. … well, until very early, which was the time the meet and chicken finished
3. It is a disaster
4. All are panicking that there is nothing to eat
5. If you´re a vegetarian don´t try to report about markets
6. Eat meat!

Written by naturesong

April 4, 2010 at 14:07

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