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And open letter from/to Kat Fountain

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I always wanted to be Kat, and now she is helping me to be me (don´t miss her MUST READ
I am not too sure how moral it is to take someone´s email and turn it into an open one but here it is- (from Kat´s email)

“I have been crazy busy setting up my mosquito traps and working out transects. Tambopata Research Center is amazing!!! I’ve been working a lot, but every time I look around I realize that this is one of the most incredible forests I have ever been in. To stay here for free is such a gift.
The strike has gotten closer, and a lot more information has come out. Fact: there will be over 3,000 miner families taking to the street with almost all of them carrying illegal firearms. There will only be 100 police men and some Marines present in Puerto. The mining companies are funding the strike efforts and have paid for vast amounts of food provisions for the miners so they can continue the strike and try to “starve out” Puerto. They have said that the strike will be indefinite until the government repeals the law, and the government has already said they will not drop the law. Once a couple weeks go by and no food is able to reach Puerto, inflation will take over and people will have to pay exorbitant prices just to eat and drink clean water. This is a very serious situation. I know the miners are allowing tourists to leave via airport because in their words this is “not their fight””

And a few words in reply-
People in Puerto are reporting of major police forces coming from other districts. The television was reporting something similar… I still did not see them.
I have seen a miner putting a 1.2 meters metal pipe inside a canvas sack, which might be an old miners´tradition I am not aware of.
The food is being not only supplied by the mining companies but also by the road company. Past experience from such demonstrations is telling that people in the heads of the big companies took the money and the food never reached the demonstrator. Left to see. I might move today into a miners` hostel (it is full, but I might be able to squeeze in).
Shops are opening when you knock on the door, in case they know you.
Inflation is already.
The street of the hostel is full of cars from early morning hours. I guess it is a path of bypassing. Going out. Would report in a moment.
PS I love you.

Written by naturesong

April 4, 2010 at 14:26

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