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1500 policemen would be guarding the streets of Puerto Maldonado

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Told me a young police officer (that is surely not the best source of information but the head of the police department is busy and not giving interviews). 800 police men are coming from Lima and the rest from other districts.
The town at the moment is safe and normal. All roads are open, about 15 % of the shops are open (some blocks are totally open and I have not been to the market), mostly food shops but also electronics, cameras, clothes… considering the fact it is anyhow a Sunday, and on top of it la semana santa that is quite allot of activity.
The police are talking about 1500 and a starting hour, so far not a single miner is to be seen.
At the corners of the squares are a few policemen (others I have seen sitting in some offices) with shields and weapon and sand bags. I could have taken a few pictures; some of them are young and the uniforms are sitting quite neatly, but I have realized that they look exactly like any Israeli officer in Gaza and of them there are quite allot of pictures.
No police by the NGOs offices, though they might all be at the swimming pool of the nearest hotel.

Written by naturesong

April 4, 2010 at 16:32

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  1. I publishes this this morning, before I have changed the timezone of the blog… so it keeps putting itself first, for a few more hours. Sorry


    April 4, 2010 at 14:52

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