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The Peruvian Jungle city of Madre de Dios is getting ready for a miners´ strike starting the 4th of April.
Thousand of independent (informal) miners (all or almost all gold miners) in the area of Madre de Dios, are going to loose their job if the new mining law is going to be enforced. The new law, on the other hand, may do little damage, or allot of good, to the big mining companies.
Thousands of miners are expected to stream into the city and freeze its activity. Roads would be blocked. Shops closed. People are getting stocked up with food. Peruvian history is telling that this would go on until the government would be willing to speak to the strikers. Offices are expected to start getting burnt after a few days, if the government would refuse talks. Possible targets might be the main governmental office, the mining department, and the Conservationists´ NGOs. Reliable sources from around the corner are saying that the WWF took down their signs and other NGOs emptied their offices. I`ll go tomorrow to have a look and confirm the words of the source (I think I should, if I can, should I not?)
Some people, on the other hand, are expecting it to be a peaceful quiet demonstration. Time would tell.
I would stick around town, speaking to people, taking picture, and trying to get over my tiredness and blog.
Sorry for not writing any longer blog with background and information. I am hoping to fix that flaw in the near future. In the meantime, some more information you would find in the beauty filled blog of Kat Fountains , some pictured of the mining areas in (AKA “is it a moon growing in the middle of the Jungle?”) and just for fun- an interesting link about mercury contamination (and gold) from the journal Today´s Chemist
And do you drink it all in your ayahuasca or is it aluminum from the pot the shaman uses?
More tomorrow

Written by naturesong

April 2, 2010 at 06:56

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